About Levantologie

As an ARAB-AMERICAN living in Boston, I wanted to create an all-natural LUXURY candle with an AROMATIC and NOSTALGIC scent to remind me of home.

HANDCRAFTED and MADE-TO-ORDER, all our 'perfectly-imperfect' candles are somewhat UNIQUE.

We use only the highest quality ingredients! 

ETHICALLY SOURCED beeswax and 100% ALL NATURAL essential oils, carefully distilled from plants which originate from the LEVANT REGION (Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon and Syria).

Levantologie Jersash Jordan Candles Levantine Levant

We want you to KEEP YOUR CANDLE FOREVER! Purchase a REFILL at anytime and we will send you a return shipping label, refill your candle and ship it back to you! And of course, shipping is always free for our US customers.

But that's not all! 

Our SUSTAINABLE candles that are both TOXIN-FREE so that everyone can safely enjoy a CLEAN & FRAGRANT burn while PERSERVING OUR PLANET.

We hope that you will LOVE OUR CANDLES as much as we do!